The perfect gingerbread

Christmas always makes me want to bake. Each December I get the sudden urge to make mince pies & bake cookies. The rest of the year, I’m not exactly Mary Berry, but in December I love it.

One of my favourite recipes I’ve found so far, is a Tesco magazine recipe for a gingerbread wreath. Not only does it look amazing, the gingerbread recipe itself, is actually delicious!


It’s the perfect centre piece for a table or if you just like gingerbread cookies on their own, this recipe is delicious & will make around 30 individual cookies. Which could be a perfect present or can even be hung on the tree!


The recipe is still available online and I’ve found the link, so you can create this beauty for yourself! (Tesco Food) However, When I first tried this recipe, I struggled to follow the method & made quite a few mistakes. So if you want to give the recipe a try this Christmas, have a quick look at my below tips,  to help make the perfect gingerbread!

 ·         The recipe says it takes two hours. This may be right for a professional chef, but for a normal person like me, I’d leave 1 night clear for baking all the pieces & the next night to complete all the decoration.

·         If you don’t like orange zest, don’t worry about leaving it out the recipe. It doesn’t affect the texture & they taste fine without!

·         This recipe calls for the dough to be rolled out quite thin so that the cookies are hard & can be layered onto the wreath without breaking. But if you prefer softer gingerbread, just double the thickness of the cookies.

·         Gingerbread can still seem soft when you pull it out the oven, it will be cooked & it will harden as it cools.

·         After rolling out your dough, put it in the fridge for 10 minutes before cutting out your cookies.

·         Put the cookie shapes back in the fridge for 10 minutes before putting them in the oven, this will ensure that your cookies don’t change shape when baking.

·         Roll out your dough onto floured greaseproof paper. You can place the dough into the fridge using the paper & once you cut out your shapes, you can move the sheet into the oven. Creating less mess & you don’t have to move the cookies from one surface to another.

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