Fress – The Review

If you’re looking for a little bit of Manhattan this weekend, or just want some amazing brunch with pastries to go, then Fress is where you need to be.


This little café on Oldham Street is a hidden gem & I’m so glad I’ve finally discovered it for myself. From the outside this café looks just like a lot of the other cafes, dotted around the Northern Quarter.


But inside, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think it has been there since the 20’s.


Complete with subway tile, marble worktops and brass fixtures, Fress wouldn’t look out of place in a scene of Master of None.


Like all new places I love to try, I found Fress on Instagram. After seeing their selection of homemade cakes & brunch options, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I tried them for myself! We decided to book a table for two online for 10.30am, as I wasn’t sure how busy it would be on a Saturday. It turned out that we didn’t really need to reservation, but if you get there later than 11.30am, then I would definitely book. (it gets extremely very busy)

I decided on Eggs Benedict with avocado & the boyfriend went for his usual cooked breakfast. This was easily the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had this year.


Also, did I happen to mention just how aesthetically pleasing this place is!?


Not only does Fress serve some of the best brunch I’ve had around the Northern Quarter, they also have an amazing homemade cake selection, which you can enjoy in-house or takeaway. After about 2 seconds, I knew which one I wanted to try & picked a Pumpkin & Spiced white chocolate Cronut to takeaway. (you heard me right) it was just as amazing as it sounds!


If you’re looking for a stylish, reasonably priced & tasty breakfast this weekend, or you have a sweet tooth & fancy trying some of the best cakes that are on offer, then Fress is where you need to go!




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