Slice Pizzeria – The Review

Like all humans everywhere, one of my favourite foods is pizza. Roma pizza is by far my favourite.


Traditionally coming in square slices & are made using focaccia style dough rather than the usual thin crust. So, when I discovered that Manchester has its own pizzeria, that serves traditional Romana pizza by the slice. I made it my mission to eat there asap.


Slice pizza, has the perfect mixture of Romana pizza in a New York pizzeria setting. On Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought this was nothing more than a takeaway.


But this place is so much more, serving gelato, fresh sandwiches and even arancini. Slice pizza, has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. It even has its own pizza window, so you can grab a slice on the go.


I tried the Prosciutto, Rocket, Buffalo Mozzarella & tomato slice and the Ham, Watercress, Parmesan & Mozzarella slice. (what’s not to love!?) They were seriously delicious & I can’t believe I have only just found this place!


There’s not that much more which needs to be said about this place., I’m not going to pretentiously go on about the flavours or the amazing ‘vibe’ of the place. It serves some of the best pizza I’ve ever tried, what more of a reason do you need!?


Whether you want somewhere to sit & drink Aperol on a Saturday afternoon, or you need some delicious food after a night out, Slice Pizza will be that place!



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