Mackie Mayor – The Review

The new Mancunian hotspot to enjoy good food, drink & company is Mackie Mayor. 


It’s been almost impossible to avoid the constant flow of Instagram pics of this place, since it opened in October. If you have read my post about the Market House in Altrincham, you may recognise the new Mackie Mayor.


Owned by the same team & created with the same vibe & ethos, Mackie Mayor is the little brother to the Altrincham Market House. Which is great news for people like me, who spend a lot of time in the city centre!


The grade 2 listed building, in between the Northern Quarter & Ancoats, had been left derelict for over 20 years. Originally the site of Smithfield Market, Mackie Mayor has been brought back to its former glory. Along with a stunning communal area to eat and drink. This place has enough choices to please everyone; Honest Crust Pizza, Bauhouse, Nationale 7, Tender Cow, Fin, Reserve Wines & last but not least Wolfhouse Coffee. 


My boyfriend and I managed to share a few different dishes to make sure we tried as much as we could! We opted for a classic margarita from honest crust, a bacon sandwich from Tender Cow & a Bao from Baohouse. Of course it was all freshly prepared, with great ingredients & tasted amazing. 

If you caught my recent post about the best places to eat Bao in Manchester, you will know that Baohouse is one of them! This fiery fried chicken Bao with pickles was so good! 


If we hadn’t been completely stuffed already, I know that the Porchetta from Nationale 7 was next on our list. I’ll definitely be going back to try it out. (Soon hopefully!) 

I know a lot of people have been talking on social media about the prices at Mackie Mayor, & to an extent I probably agree, that some of the dishes are really overpriced. There are a lot of great places to eat ,on this side of town, that are a lot more budget friendly. But, you cant deny the beauty of this place & the amazing food that it is creating! If you’re smart with your orders, share your dishes & be prepared to spend at least £20 for your dinner & drinks then this place is well worth it! 

 With most traders opening at 12pm, this has already become a destination for all brunch obsessed Mancs, like myself. As traders are also open until late each night and Tib Street being within 2 minutes walk, it would be the perfect place to start off your night too!





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