October Favourites

I spend all year waiting for autumn & before you can say pumpkin spice, it’s nearly over!

October has gone so quickly but I’ve enjoyed every minute. On November 10th month my blog will be 1 year old! (I can’t believe it either!)  So, keep your eye out for my anniversary post, as I will be doing a giveaway to one follower!! I have bought a few things especially for the giveaway, so I will pick one person at random & send out some goodies, to say a big thank you for all your support!

But, before I go on with myself too much about how much I appreciate every like/comment/follow, here are my hits & a couple of misses from this month!

Kenyon Hall farm

For the first time, at the age of 26, I went pumpkin picking! I loved every minute & will definitely go again. If you’re from the Manchester area, their pumpkin festival is well worth the trip!


Jamie’s 5 ingredients cookbook

We bought Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook last month & we have loved it. We have planned a lot of our weeknight meals around these recipes & it’s really helped our after work cooking be a lot quicker & even easier.

If your stuck in a rut & need some inspiration, this book is perfect for even people who don’t think they can cook!


This hidden cafe in Oldham street, Manchester, has become a new obsession. It’s interior is stunning and the food is amazing. I’ll have a full post coming soon about this Manhattan style spot!


October Misses!

Japanese maple Yankee candle

This candle smells amazing when it isn’t lit. It has a lovely sweet but musky scent. Unfortunately, when it’s lit, it doesn’t smell at all. I’ve bought tonnes of these candles in recent years & they have always been great. But this one has barely any scent when lit and is definitely not worth spending £10 on!

Nuxe moisturiser

Although this product is actually quite good, the scent of this cream has put me right off! It has such a strong floral scent, that lingers around for ages after use.

If your thinking of buying this moisturiser, I’d recommend you try it in store first!

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