Barcelona – Top 5

I recently spent 4 days in Barcelona & loved every minute! One of the things I love to share, about all my city breaks, are the Top 5 things to do. (which not everyone might know about!)

If you’re planning a trip of your own, want some travel ideas or (like me) just enjoy giving yourself some major wanderlust, then keep reading!

We actually took this mini break back in September (it’s taken a while for me to get round to this!) So, before I start to ramble on about how this beautiful city is & how kind the people are, here’s my Top 5 things to do!

Park Güell


Most tourists, including me, will aim to visit park Güell. Although it’s always quite busy & you have to book tickets in advance, I would still recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona!


Overlooking the whole city, this park is well worth the hike! Not only are the views amazing, Gaudi created the features and apartments that sit within the park. They are definitely worth the trip!


Getting to the park, you do need to have a bit of stamina! There are escalators up to the park, but there are places where you still have to walk up a very steep hill! If you visit the park, I’d suggest getting off the train at Vallcarca Station & walking down towards the park, otherwise your have even further to walk uphill!


Barcelona cathedral


A lot of people come to Barcelona for the architecture, (which I now completely understand!) places like the Sagrada Familia is an infamous Gaudi design that draw thousands of people every day. But, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay the pretty hefty entrance fee, then I’d encourage you to visit Barcelona Cathedral!


This Cathedral is tucked away in the gothic quarter of the city, but it is well worth the visit! With a much more reasonable entrance fee, of €7 each, this cathedral offers beautiful architecture & a roof top terrace!


The views from the top are stunning & unlike the Sagrada Familia, it isn’t jam packed with tourists!

La Boqueria – Market

When we spotted La Boqueria, just off La Rambla, my boyfriend and I headed straight for it & we were so glad we did! There are indoor markets all around Barcelona, they are packed full of produce & freshly prepared food! (That’s not even the best bit) Nearly all the stall holders actually provide cones, sticks or even cups of samples for a couple of euros!


You can walk round and try all kinds of locally sourced meats, fruits, cheeses & even fresh juices for under €10.


If your traveling on a budget, this would be a cheap way to grab a quick/cheap lunch in the centre of Barcelona!


Walk as much as you can!

This city is like a New York & Paris hybrid. The streets & buildings are beautiful, but it still feels modern and edgy. The architecture style changes throughout the city & you really have to walk around as much as possible to absorb it all!


Barcelona is also a city which embraces its street art/ graffiti. It is everywhere!


I love cities like this, walking round and taking it all in, is one of my favourite parts about taking any mini break!


Placa Reial

Finally, one of our favourite places was Placa Reial. This square, just off La Rambla, was our favourite place to relax and get some food at night.


There are some great restaurants around the square & despite it being located next to La Rambla it’s surprisingly quiet & relaxed! We ate here a couple of times during our trip, both nights at Ocana.


Although there are lots of restaurants around the square, this place serves both Spanish & Mexican tapas & we were in heaven!


The food is delicious! If you like great food, wine & a beautiful location, then this is the place for you!


If you want to read about any of my other City Top 5’s, check them out! Venice, Burano, Milan, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam.

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