Kenyon Hall Farm

Halloween and everything that comes with it, is one of my favourite times of the year. So this year, I made it my mission to find somewhere I could go and pick my own pumpkins! It turns out, it wasn’t that hard! Kenyon Hall Farm, in Warrington, is only a short car ride away from Manchester city centre and is the perfect place to visit this October!


I’ve never had the pleasure of picking my own pumpkins, but I’m so glad we did! Not only does Kenyon Hall Farm offer lots of varieties and sizes, which are all picked & priced, it also gives you the opportunity to pick your own, right from the fields. If you have littles ones, they also have a play area & for their annual Pumpkin Festival, they have a carving station! Which basically means, you can get the pumpkins ready, without worrying about the mess!

I knew I definitely wanted to pick my own, so we headed for the fields!


One thing I did learn from our trip to Kenyon Hall, is that pumpkin stalks are very prickly! If your planning on picking your own this year, take some gloves!


Kenyon Hall is open all year round & their fields offer different fruits and veg depending on the season. But lets face it, what can be more fun & seasonal, than picking your own pumpkins?


If you want to do something different this October or grab yourself some props for your Halloween, then plan a visit to Kenyon Hall Farm! I bought a few of the smaller pumpkins & a medium sized one, they actually didn’t cost much more than the supermarkets. If anything, the larger pumpkins are probably cheaper!

Check out Kenyon Hall HERE, if you want to know more!





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