Vintage Manchester

One of the many things that Manchester does well, is vintage. If you love vintage clothing, shoes, collectable pieces or even 90’s sportswear then this is where to find it.

Like almost every person who loves clothes, I went through my own vintage obsessed phase, when I was about 18. I loved everything about retro clothing. I spent so many weekends looking through the clothing in Afflecks Palace, or rummaging through the wracks at Cow.

I eventually changed my style, but I still have a lot of the pieces I invested in when I was younger & I’m so glad I found & bought them!

There are tonnes of great places, dotted around the city which have amazing collections of vintage clothing. If you aren’t sure where to go, or are planning a visit & want to know a couple of the best places, then keep reading!

 Afflecks Palace


I don’t think anyone can really explain Afflecks, its the type of place you have to see to understand. But I can say, that Afflecks is heaven for anyone who is a lover of vintage, gothic, music, food & art. It has some of the quirkiest, unique and cheapest vintage clothing. If you need some American sweets, artwork, retro rollerblades or a even honey monster costume, you will probably find it here!

Oxfam Originals


This is exactly what you think. This is an Oxfam shop, which specialises in selling the best of donated clothing. They only sell clothing that is either high end or is on trend. The store is set up like a boutique & the prices are higher than the usual charity shop. But if your looking for some branded vintage clothing, then this would be the place to go!



If you want modified vintage clothing, then Cow is where you should go. They take pieces like men’s oversized  vintage tee’s & turn them into dresses. Unlike most vintage shops, they also have a online shop which shows what they have on offer. So, even if your not in the Manchester area, you can take a look online! (We Are Cow)

Pop Boutique


This little boutique tucked away on Oldham Street, is a mecca for vintage lovers. Their tote bags are carried around, by nearly all fashion obsessed people & it  has become the most popular vintage shop in the city centre. After the success if their Manchester store, they now have stores in London, Leeds & even Gothenburg.

Happy Shopping! 🙂 x




10 thoughts on “Vintage Manchester

  1. Great post! Manchester is only a quick hop over the Pennines for me, and as a lover of vintage I have not seen most of these shops (except Pop Boutique). Note to self to find them.


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