Shoryu Ramen – The Review

On a cold & rainy Sunday, there’s often nothing better than a good old Sunday roast. I love any foods that give you that really cosy feeling during dark Autumn nights. So when I tried Shoryu ramen, earlier this year, I instantly realised that this bowl of delicious-ness gives you the ultimate warm & cosy vibe. If you’re looking for the perfect meal to leave you feeling full, warm & satisfied then you need to eat a big bowl of Ramen.


I first started craving ramen after watching the Chef’s Table Ramen episode. My boyfriend and I was left craving it for days & we googled where our closest place was to eat it. It turns out that there aren’t really any places in Manchester to eat Ramen, except for Shoryu. We recently went back for more on a cold and rainy Sunday night & it was the perfect meal!


For anyone who hasn’t tried it, the basis of Ramen is a bowl of bone broth, noodles, meat & various toppings. (pickled ginger, shallots, spring onion, mushrooms, seaweed, egg)


They are basically big bowls of cosiness, which is perfect for any autumn day or night. I tend to always order the classic Ramen (Shoryu Ganso Tonkostu) but Shoryu offers loads of different varieties, flavours & broths.

Although Ramen is the main reason why my boyfriend and I first visited Shoryu. We have also tried there Bao buns, which are possibly my new favourite food. This steamed bun is simple, light & delicious.


The last time we had ramen, we decided to try the Wagu Beef with shiso, daikon & shimeji. Basically, the tastiest beef sandwich you will ever have!


I know that eating food like this, can often be something people would worry about. As it isn’t something we see a lot of. But here at Shoryu, they always offer to talk you through the options & the menu. They also suggest which foods are best for people who love spicy food or even have vegetarian & gluten free options.


So, if you want to try something new, which will leave you feeling toasty on a winter night. Then do yourself a favour & visit Shoryu.


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