September Favourites!

September has flown by & I have so many things which I have loved this month! I’ve managed to pick 5, which I would 100% recommend to anyone!

First favourite of September is my new ring holder from Superdrug. This little thing only cost £12 & looks great on my bedside. I’m always misplacing my jewellery & forgetting where I put it, so I thought it was about time that I got one of these!


I love this one because of the cute colours & the fact it looks like a little cactus! Buy it here!

 Next up, is Aperol Spritz.


This cocktail is something I’ve been wanting to try for ages, but always put it off. Whenever I have been Italy, I see people drinking these everywhere & finally tried it on our trip to Barcelona! This is a really grown up drink, with a bit of a bitter taste, but if you like gin or red wine then you will love this!


 This month I tried all the places that sell Bao in Manchester, for a new post that’s on its way! Which ended up being the best way to spend a Saturday! Bao buns have become one of my new favourite foods, I’d definitely recommend you finding somewhere near you, who makes them, & try them for yourself if you haven’t already!


As the weather got colder this month I finally got to start having my favourite fruit teas & Tea Pigs tea! This September I bought the chocolate flake tea for the first time & loved it! This tea makes you feel so cosy & tastes really chocolatey. If you want to try it yourself, buy it here!


Finally, my favourite thing from September has to be my trip to Barcelona!


We had an amazing time & I will have a photo dairy & Top 5 things to do post’s up soon! My Barcelona outfit diary is already up if you fancy having a look! (links included for most things I wore!)



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