The Best Instagram accounts for Women

For a long time, I struggled with my own self esteem & body image. I soon realised that not only was I being constantly bombarded with the idea of the ‘perfect woman’ on TV, magazines & advertising. I was choosing to follow accounts on Instagram, which all promoted unattainable beauty standards and cosmetic surgery. Without noticing, all these images were starting to feel normal (which they definitely aren’t!)

So I deleted my terrible Daily Mail app (my guilty pleasure) and had a social media cull. I unfollowed so many celebrities and models, who all posted fake, posed and crazily ‘perfect’ images. Why? because its not real!

There are 6 people specifically, who I now follow, that I think show the real side to being a woman. The below accounts are all women who are smart, funny, beautiful & aren’t afraid to show the real them. So, encourage your friends, daughters & sisters to surround themselves with positive influences & real women! (I’ve included all their Instagram links, to make it even easier!)

Lena Dunham

This smart & funny girl, has the most random yet beautiful account,. She celebrates all her curves. Flaws & all!



Fearne Cotton

Promoting healthy eating & showing the real side to being a mum of two. She isn’t afraid to show the normal side of life!


Ashley Graham

This stunning supermodel shows how to love your curves, stay healthy & eat properly! She also shows behind the scenes of all her shoots on her Insta Stories.



Although her Instagram is picture perfect, her Insta stories & you tube vlogs show real life. From period spots to house cleaning!



Amy Schumer

Not only is this woman hilarious, she shows the real side to celebrity & how much effort it really takes to look like the average ‘celebrity’.



Emma Watson

As a girl who has grown up in the limelight, she mainly uses her Instagram to promote her favourite books & talk about her He for She campaign. Glamorous, beautiful & clever.


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