August Favourites

I feel like a broken record, but I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone! I have been working on creating great content for the next couple of months & I’m really excited for what’s to come! Next month is our trip to Barcelona (which has also come around so quickly!) & there a so many new places opening around Manchester, that I cant wait to try! Its a shame that summer is officially over, but I’m so excited for Autumn to arrive! So, before I start rambling, I have 5 favourites for this month, let me know if you try any of them!

Maybelline – Eraser Eye

This month, after watching a lot of beauty tutorials, I noticed one product which kept popping up. The Maybelline under eye concealer. This little product is liked by a lot of beauty gurus and now I’ve tried it I know why! It really brightens my under eye & you don’t need much product! For the price, it’s such a great drugstore concealer & its now part of my everyday routine. (As you can see she is used!)


Friends Fest

Ok, this is the last time I go on about this (I promise). If you follow my Instagram or have read this months posts, you will already know my friend & I went to Friends Fest at Heaton park near Manchester City centre.


We have both grown up watching friends & we completely geeked out & made the most of it. If you love friends & fancy a day in the park, drinking wine, watching friends & relaxing.. then keep an eye out for tickets for next year!

Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner

Like most girls, I have spent a lot of my teenage & adult life so far, searching for the perfect liquid eyeliner. I have tried everything from Rimmel too Dior & I can safely say that this is the best. I bought it last month & finally got round to trying it out & I’m in Love! It makes putting on the eyeliner really easy & lasts all day without a single smudge! If you like a winged eye or your wanting to learn how to use liquid eyeliner, then grab yourself this one!


Viceland – TV

Over the past month, my boyfriend & I have become obsessed with the channel Viceland. If you like shows about food, tattoos, travel & even pizza then you need to give this channel a watch! Some of my favourite shows at the minute – The Pizza Show Dead set on life Needles & Pins. If your fed up with ‘normal’ TV then check them out!


La La Lab

For a while now I’ve wanted to get a handful of pictures printed, from all my trips so far. But this, as I found out, can be really expensive! Then I randomly discovered La La Lab.


This app lets you choose pictures to print, edit size, border colours, print style & even write on the print.  The App is really easy to use & the prints I got are a great quality. If your looking for an easy & cheap way to print your pictures, without leaving the comfort of your own home, then try La La Lab.


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