Roma, Milano, Venezia – Italian Food

I’ve been really lucky to visit Italy a few times over the past couple of years & I was recently asked by a friend, ‘Out of the places you’ve been… where had the best pizza?’

This question made me realise that every place was completely different & had its own food culture. Everywhere I have been has had amazing food, but which city you should visit, could really depend on which types of Italian food you love the most!

So… to help make that decision, here is the best of what each city has on offer! If your still unsure, then take a look at my Top 5 things to do in Rome, Venice & Milan.


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I have to start by saying, the food in Rome is ridiculous. I soon realised I’d never tasted proper tomatoes or artichokes until I ate here. Most restaurants use the freshest ingredients and offer tasty/simple Italian food. The food here is rustic & always felt homemade. It might not photograph well, but it tastes amazing!

The foods Rome do best:
Bruschetta – Any pasta dishes – Pizza



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Milan has some of the best food I have ever eaten. The food here is much more refined than Rome & offers a wider range of choices.

Things to try in Milan
Panzerotto – Risotto – Anything stuffed with ricotta cheese – Sfogliatella





Me & Venice had a love hate relationship. But one thing I can’t deny was the seafood was some of the best I have tasted!

Things to try
Any seafood dish – Gelato


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