Lush Cosmetics Convert

Believe it or not, until recently, I had never stepped foot into a Lush store.


I have always hated the overpowering smell of Lush stores, which has made me avoid them for as long as I can remember. I’m also a complete shower girl,  I cant even remember the last time I used my bath, so the bath bombs (which most people obsess over) aren’t really very appealing to me either. As I had never really heard anyone talk about the other products they have, I just assumed, this was the only products they really sold. Until recently, when I saw some great reviews about their natural skincare and decided to give some of it go!

Like most people, I am so much more conscious about what I put on my skin, than I used to be. Now, after finally trying some of Lush’s natural range, I can safely say I am obsessed.


I started with the Sea Breeze toner spray, which I now use every single day! Its great for spraying onto a cotton pad, first thing in the morning, to get rid of any grease build up from the night the before. Because of how much I loved the toner spray, I then decided to try the Tea Tree tone tabs.


These tabs are a bit like mini bath bombs. You place them in a bowl of hot water & while they dissolve, you place your face over the bowl and let the steam cleanse your skin. Quick tip: you can actually use the liquid as a toner water for a couple of days after!

The first time I tried these tabs, I don’t think it made a huge difference to the general issues I have with my skin. But the process is really calming & my skin felt so clean & fresh afterwards!


The final product I’ve tried, was The Birth of Venus jelly mask. Which now is probably one of my favourite face masks!


This mask, is like a tub of jelly until you start to work it with your fingers. It then becomes a paste/clay like consistency. Like most things I like, it has a really fresh scent & felt so refreshing!

I would definitely recommend these masks to anyone who likes pampering themselves, but wants to avoid all the synthetic ingredients which come with most high street beauty masks! I can safely say I am a Lush convert!



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