Stockyard North Salvage

This little studio, hidden amongst the industrial buildings of Trafford Park, is crammed full of antiques & curiosities.


If you’re looking for some unique art, furniture or even door knobs, this place will probably have just what you’re looking for. This little studio has some great interior pieces, that could elevate any modern home.


While I was walking around, I couldn’t stop thinking it would also be the perfect place to go if someone was looking for props for a play or production!

Although this place is nestled/hidden in between the Trafford centre and Media City. I first saw Stockyard Salvage on *drum roll* …. Instagram. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows my blog, as I pretty much always find new places to visit through Instagram! As soon as I saw the Stockyard Salvage page, I knew I needed to see it for myself.


I genuinely loved pretty much everything they have to offer, unfortunately, our small little flat can’t hold much more furniture. So, I couldn’t get anything for myself this time. But, the next time I’m next asked where someone should go to find a new chair, mirror, table or even disco balls. I’ll know exactly where to send them!


If you’re a lover of the vintage style, or want to add a touch of class to a modern home. Then check out their Instagram & plan your visit!

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