The Clarence – The Review

Every northern town has run-down pubs whose only customers, are the old men who have drank there since they were 18. In my hometown of Bury, about 20 minutes from Manchester, there are plenty! However, there is one in particular, that has gone through a transformation.


From an old mans pub, to a modern restaurant & cocktail bar.


This stunning building, has three separate floors.


Each floor has been restored & modernised, all have a separate aesthetic and purpose.


The best part about this place? The food.


I’ve been here to eat and drink a lot over the past couple of years. This is probably one of the better (if not the best) place you can eat in the town centre of Bury. Whether you’re looking for some Brunch or an A La’ Carte meal, this place offers & delivers both.

One of the reasons why I decided to blog about this place, is because a lot of people in the area, still seem to be unaware of how amazing this place is! There are plenty of pubs offering great food throughout the North Manchester area, but this place is special.

Offering cheeses & meats smoked in-house, local ales & beers, high quality ingredients & great cocktails The Clarence wouldn’t be out of place in Manchester city centre.


My boyfriend and I have eaten here countless times for lunch and we always love it.


 So, we recently came to enjoy their evening menu & loved it! I was completely blown away with how great their food really is. I decided to have two starters for my main meal (I always want to try everything) I ordered Bourbon smoked salmon, with cucumber gel &Langoustine Mayo. I also ordered the Scallops with hazelnuts, apple, celeriac & Pigs cheek.  The food is not only delicious but they are  so beautiful. (Perfect for an Instagram addict like me)


My Boyfriend enjoyed The Clarence Burger and his sister tried the Should of Lamb with Lamb Cutlets, parmesan polenta & tomatoes.  


We then decided to end with some good wine & a cheeseboard to share.


 Not only does this pub have amazing food, The Clarence even offers Diners Clubs & tasting evenings for anyone who might consider themselves a bit of a foodie. I haven’t yet had enough time to book & enjoy one of their evenings, but its definitely on my to-do list! Also, if you enjoy wine tastings, or Gin, they even have evenings for this too! My brother recently took part in one of the wine tasting evenings, where a sommelier talked about which wines were suited with each course & why. Thankfully, he took a few pictures for me to share! 

So do yourself a favour, check out their menu, book yourself a table & enjoy! The Clarence.









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