Friends Fest MCR

Last week my friend and I went to Friends Fest at Heaton park, Manchester. This little festival is the place for any Friends fan! With themed bars, restaurants, set tours & a Friends museum, it is the perfect place for anyone who loved this show. If you follow the Daisy Grey Instagram then I also apologise for all the friends Fest spam!


For £26 you get entry to the site & a tour of a set. (Monica’s Apartment & Joey & Chandlers apartment).


Inside the festival, there was a Central Perk, Phoebes taxi cab, Moondance diner, the Chick & Duck bar & plenty of other bits to keep yourself entertained!


I have been watching friends since I was a kid & I’m not ashamed to say we completely fangirled & loved every minute!


They even have an area where you could drink wine, relax & watch Friends on the big screen. What more could you want?!


My friend ordered the tickets for us a while ago & I’m so glad she did as they sold out so fast. It’s worth keeping your eye out for when they go on sale for next year!


Although its sold out this year, I would definitely recommend any Friends fans, to check it out when it’s back next year! They even have some of the outfits worn by the actual cast & a section where you can re-create the opening titles! (umbrella’s & everything!)


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