July Favourites

Hope you all had a great July & are ready for a roundup of my new obsessions for this month! If you read my blog or follow me on Insta, you will know it’s been quite a busy month! But, this have given me lots of things to choose my July favourites from!

Glow – Netflix Show

If your looking for a show to watch that’s funny, smart & easy to watch, then I would definitely recommend Glow. It’s based on the 80’s & is about a group of women starring in a wrestling show. Sounds a bit strange, but it’s genuinely funny and has a great cast of actresses. Even the boyfriend enjoyed watching it!


Alabama’s – All American Eatery
I finally ate breakfast at Alabama’s, in the Northern Quarter and it. was. amazing.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth or just enjoy American food, then make sure you add this to your list of places to eat! They offer loads of different foods, but I couldn’t come here and not try the French toast or waffles or pancakes!


Benefit- cheek parade
I bought this palette in May & have been obsessed ever since! Benefit’s Dandelion blusher has been my go-to blusher for years. So I knew this would work well for me, it’s perfect for contour & bronzing (now I have a little bit more colour than in winter)


The main reason I love this palette, is because it’s perfect for traveling. Now I’ll only have to take this little palette on our next trip (Barcelona in September) instead of lots of separates!


Tom Collins
Anyone who knows me, will know I recently went from hating Gin, to it becoming my ‘go-to’ drink. This is all because of the Tom Collins cocktail. This cocktail is refreshing & simple, it has been the perfect drink to have on a sunny day!


Mom jeans
I had a look through the Topshop sale this month & managed to get myself some proper bargains ( all on my Insta stories)  my favourite item had to be my mom jeans! Topshop jeans are always good quality & I love how these look! Maybe I’ve been watching too much Glow, but I love these eighties style jeans.


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