Alabama’s – The Review

If your a lover of real American diner food, I know just the place you need to go!


Like most places I try, I first saw Alabama’s on Instagram and knew I instantly needed to try it! This little diner-come-restaurant, serves American food, in American sized portions.

As one of my favourite hobbies, is eating all types of breakfast foods. Any place that serves; fresh French toast, pancakes, waffles & cooked breakfasts, is worth a trip! And Alabama’s does not disappoint!


As we found out, you can’t make reservations on weekends, so we stopped by about 11am and put our name down for a table. When we sat down, I instantly became obsessed with the interior of this place!


Even their bathroom is beautiful. 😍 (complete with flooring made from American pennies)


I knew I wanted to order one of the typically American dishes, so I decided on French toast with berries & cream. This was so delicious, believe it or not, I actually ordered the smallest portion size!


This is easily the best French toast I have ever eaten & it was well worth the wait.

Not only does Alabama’s serve amazing food, they also have great coffee & milkshakes.  Although I’m not always a milkshake lover, lots of people were ordering them & they looked amazing! (Check out their Instagram if you want a look!)

This little restaurant is perfect for anyone who fancies something a bit different for Brunch. Especially if you are the type of person who would enjoy Banana & Toffee Pancakes or Bacon, Maple Syrup & Pecan Waffles. They have tonnes of choices & the prices are really affordable for the amount of food you get!

The staff were also one of the great things, about Alabama’s. They are so friendly & welcoming. They made me feel really relaxed and despite how busy it was, they made sure we had everything we needed. Our bill even came in came inside and American classic.


If your looking for a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning (& your not counting calories) then you have to try this place. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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