Victoria Bath’s

I first saw a picture of this building on one of my favourite blogs (old fashioned susie) and I was instantly in love. Recently, I finally got to have a look around myself!


This building is old and a little rough round the edges. But, thankfully, a group of people are trying to restore and keep this beautiful landmark in good condition for generations to come & I am so thankful!


If want to learn about this historic landmark, there are tours available, giving you more information about the building & its history. But, if your anything like me, it’s sometimes better to make your own way around a place like this & take it all in.


The baths is only open to the public on the second Sunday of every month, unless there is an event taking place, so make sure you plan your trip.


If your a lover of anything, retro, vintage, fifties or Victorian then you have to visit Manchester’s Victoria Baths.


This amazing building is filled with beautiful stained glass windows, ironwork, original tiles and most importantly character.


It is the perfect place to spend a day drawing, reading or even an impromptu photoshoot. The Bath’s have lots of different halls, which are opened for different events. Food fairs, Tea Rooms, vintage fairs and even weddings.


This is a great place to look around and spend an afternoon relaxing. A building like this is supposed to be enjoyed, so if you want to plan your visit or want to know about events they are holding then take a look at their website! Victoria Baths




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