Tried & Tested – Haircare that works!


My hair is probably the one thing that I take care of more than anything. I’m often asked how I look after my hair, what products I use & how I style it. (I must be doing something right!) So, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt over the past 26 years & what I do to keep my hair, in its best condition!


 First up …. 

*Products I swear by!*

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray  – The only hairspray that doesn’t dry out my hair!

Lee Stafford – split end repair serum

Lee Stafford – Hair Mask

Tangle teaser / wet brush / Wide tooth comb / paddle brush

Herbal Essences – shampoo & conditioner – I have used plenty of expensive salon quality shampoos, these are still my favourite


* How I try to look after my hair *

I try to only wash my hair twice a week or once a week, if I can get away with it! I know that must sound horrible to most people, but now my hair is used to it, it doesn’t really need to be washed more than this! Washing my hair less, has helped it become less greasy & shinier when washed. The only time I may wash my hair more during my period or when it’s been really warm at night.

I always apply split ends serum & hair oil to my wet hair.

If I have time, every now and then I’ll let my hair dry naturally.

I never use the highest heat settings on my hairdryer, straighteners or curlers. (I’ve never really understood why people buy those crazy expensive & hot straighteners, they can’t be good for your hair!)

During the week, I won’t straighten or curl my hair, I’ll put it into a bun or loose ponytail. I don’t want to overheat my hair, so I will only style it ‘properly’ when I have too!

Although I love having long hair, every few years, I’ll get 5/6 inches cut off. Although I always miss my longer hair, giving it a proper cut every now and then, really helps keep it looking strong & healthy.

I’ll try to use a hair mask at least once a month. This always makes my hair feel tonnes stronger & softer.

So, if your looking for some new ways to care for your hair, then try out some of the products I use, Hopefully they will work for you too!



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