Grub MCR / Mayfield

Grub MCR have been hosting street food fairs for a while (popping up in warehouses around Manchester) But now they finally have a permanent space! The Mayfield is the newest spot for people who loved good food, beer & music. It only opened its doors in June, but its already becoming a popular stop for Mancunian foodies.


I have no doubt that this place is going to get bigger & better over time, but if I was you, I’d visit now. Get there before the crowds of people start flooding in. With food this good, it won’t take long, for everyone to cotton on. Go and enjoy this collaboration of locally produced food & drink.

It may come as no surprise that I love food. A large part of my blog is dedicated to amazing local food, restaurants & bars. So when Grub MCR created The Mayfield. I knew something good was happening!


The Mayfield is a dis-used railway station, behind Piccadilly. Grub MCR have renovated the space into an open eating area surrounded by permanent food stalls.


Each space is taken up by different restaurants / street food vendors / bakeries & Chef’s every weekend. Which basically means, if you go to the Mayfield over any weekend, you will be able to eat some of the best food from all over Manchester. You can even go every weekend for a month & you will have different things to try every time!

If you don’t like surprises or prefer to plan ahead, Check out their Instagram page (GRUBMCR). They announce weekly who is going to be serving food, that coming weekend!

So on the weekend we stopped by, we tried a crayfish roll & oysters from Holy Crab 🦀. Which was delicious! ( ok, I wimped out on the oyster, but at least I tried!)

We also tried Wings n Tings from Ital fresh. They specialise in vegan Caribbean food, which was amazing. Wings n tings is actually battered cauliflower chunks with sweet potatoe fries & slaw. Although I’m a meat eater, when vegan food tastes/looks & smells this good I love it.

We also tried The Gravy Train’s poutine. Which was so good! It was that good, I didn’t even get a picture, before we had pretty much eaten it all. But if you have a look at their Instagram (The Gravy Train) you will understand why!

With it’s relaxed vibe & friendly staff, I can safely say this is one of my new favourite places in Manchester.


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