Arley Hall – Cheshire

It’s safe to say, that my boyfriend and I are, a little (ok, a lot) obsessed with Peaky Blinders. So when we found out that Arley Hall, in Cheshire, is Thomas Shelby’s house in the show, we decided to plan a day trip! The Hall is about 50 minutes drive from Manchester City centre, which didn’t seem to far to go, to fan girl over this place.

Although the main reason (ok, only reason) for visiting this place, was to become an honorary Peaky Blinder for the day, we actually really enjoyed it. Not only is the Hall beautiful, the gardens it sits in are pretty magical too!


Arley Hall & its grounds are stunning. This family run estate is often used for different shows & films. So make sure you check before you visit, as its often closed for filming, (More people need to know about Arley!) This is a great place for any northerner, to add into your usual day trip destination options. (Tatton Park, Blackpool, Dunham Massey etc.)


The grounds are huge, but it’s separated into smaller ‘themed’ gardens with plenty of different areas to explore. If you have a thing for symmetry, like me, this. place. is. everything 😍


Whether your just into Peaky Blinders or you like a relaxed day trip to the country, this place is perfect! We basically spend the whole day acting like big kids. I was so surprised at how gorgeous this place is & I’m definitely excited go back, the next time we have a sunny weekend!



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