Hearth of the Ram – Review

I’ve written about the great places to eat in Ramsbottom, a few times in the past year ( Levanter / Lolo’s / The Hungry Duck) This little village, about 20 minute’s drive from the centre of Manchester, is a foodies dream. There are so many great places to eat in Ramsbottom, one of my favourites is Hearth of the Ram.

I have spent countless evenings enjoying their award winning A La Carte menu. This is where my boyfriend and I had one of our first dates, my family and I celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday & this is where my brother and I enjoyed some bonding cocktails over the last Christmas holidays.

The last thing I needed to try, was their lunch menu. I’ve been told a few times about their English tapas style lunch, which is meant to be just as good as their main menu dishes. However, when it comes to brunch, I always overlook this little pub. So, when my partner suggested we go for lunch on our day off together, I couldn’t wait!

We were seated in the conservatory area of the restaurant, which is perfect for a daytime lunch. We visited on a pretty rainy day, but thankfully they are prepared for the British weather, with underfloor heating and overhead heat lamps. I love the interior of Hearth of the Ram, it mixes modern and traditional design perfectly. (I have absolutely no idea why they have used Moroccan table lamps, in a traditionally English style interior)


The lunch menu offers a range of different small dishes, ranging from £3.00 up to £7.00. We decided to get four different dishes and share them all. We decided on; whole smoked paprika almonds, plum tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella, Lancashire rarebit with sourdough dipping soldiers and home cured meats and pickles (chorizo, prosciutto)


A pot of melted cheese with sourdough toast dippers… What’s not to love?!


Although you would think this was enough, it would be stupid of us to visit Hearth of the Ram and not order a dessert. If you have eaten here before, you will know that desserts are what this place does best. We chose the lemon curd, Italian meringue with white chocolate ice cream pudding. 


Which was amazing! If you enjoy desserts then Hearth of the ram is perfect for you. If I’m honest, we don’t really like desserts but this is the one place where we always order one!

 Everyone who’s been here, knows this place is great for a posh meal. However, next time you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a great lunch away from the hustle & bustle of the city centre, then make sure you add Hearth of the ram to the list!




2 thoughts on “Hearth of the Ram – Review

  1. It must be forty years since I last ate in Ramsbottom (fish and chips after several pints of bitter and very good too). Times have obviously changed and it maybe time for a return visit


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