Pollen Bakery

This independent bakery, sitting in a railway arch on Sheffield street, Manchester, is bringing stunning & delicious food to Manchester.  Pollen Bakery, specialises in viennoiserie & sourdough baking. (Amazing pastries & a bloody good loaf, to you & me)

The bakery usually sells out, within 90 minutes of opening. So, my boyfriend and I decided to get out of bed & into Manchester centre for 8.30am, just to try these amazing goodies! It may not come as a surprise, that I first found out about this bakery on Instagram & was dying to try it! ( Pollen Bakery )


Although there are some of the classics are always available, croissant, sourdough loaf, baguettes etc. Their range of pastries change every week, offering different flavours and fillings. So if your thinking of visiting, make sure you check out their Instagram first and check out what’s on offer that week!

We managed to get out of bed and got our hands on a little selection of pastries. (we bought one of everything they had left) We chose the cinnamon bun,  chocolate croissant & finally  a Danish filled with strawberry, pistachio and creme patisserie. (queue drooling)

We visited the Bakery on a Friday, but if you fancy getting up early on a Saturday, you will also have chance to enjoy their Cruffins. (something I am still yet to try!) With fillings like Lemon Cheesecake & Tiramisu, these muffin/croissant hybrids are still at the top of my foodie wishlist!

These are nothing like the pastries you convince yourself are lovely, from Costa or Starbucks. This is real baking, craftsmanship & love. They really do taste amazing! The pastry itself is the winner, but the fillings are just as good.


If you work in Manchester and fancy a change, do yourself a favour, get the earlier train to work & grab some of the best pastries you will eat in Manchester. As the bakery is only a 5 minute walk from Piccadilly, its definitely an upgrade from usual train station food!

I may be at risk of sounding a bit over enthusiastic, but these pastries were easily the best I have ever eaten. Not only in Manchester, but that’s is including the amazing pastries, I’ve been lucky enough to try in Milan, Rome, Venice & even Paris.

Even if you don’t live in the city centre, pick a day & get yourself into town early, believe me, it will be 100% worth the effort!


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