May Favourites

I can’t believe another month has passed. May has been a difficult one. There has been a lot of sadness this month, especially in Manchester. My home city.

So, this months favourites post is centred around some of the brave, loving and special things that have happened in Manchester since the attack.

My first favourite for May, is the people of Manchester.

As a community we have shown so much strength, courage, love, hope & compassion to the rest of the world this month. We stood united & helped each other, whatever way we could.


Even though I didn’t think it was possible, our city is more united than before. That is down to the people. We are Manchester. We are Mancunian.


After the tragic event at the MEN, Manchester artists came out in force, to spread a message of love and unity. The new street art around Manchester is definitely one of my favourite things I’ve seen in May!


Pollen Bakery

In May, I finally woke up early enough to get to the Pollen Bakery, near Piccadilly station, before it sold out for the day! (Usually only open for about 90 mins before everything is gone) I’ve been wanting to try the pastries, from this independent little bakery for so long & it was definitely worth the wait!  I’ll have a post coming soon with more pics & all the details!


My New Tattoo 

Since the Manchester attack, everyone and anyone have been trying to raise funds for the Manchester Crisis fund. Many, including myself, donated to the Just Giving page. Which was set up by the Manchester Evening News. (still open for donations!)

One of the events being held, was the Manchester tattoo appeal. Tattooist’s across Manchester, offered to tattoo the city’s symbol (a worker bee) onto anyone who wanted it. The price paid for the tattoo, is donated in full to the Manchester Fund for victims & their families.

My brother suggested it & within a couple of days we had our bee!


The worker bee, is a symbol of the hive of industry that is Manchester. The factory workers, were compared to bee’s & coined the term ‘Busy as a Bee’. The worker bee is strong, hardworking & works together to achieve. The symbol is present on the crest of Manchester & you will see it all over the city if you look!

Finally, the week after the Manchester attack, we also had the hottest week of the year so far. For a city that’s infamous for grey rainy drizzle, throughout the year, the sun came out. I genuinely believe that this little bit of sunshine, helped the city mourn without the weather interrupting.

Strangers showed kindness across the city, offering water, food & ice lollies to police officers, artists and the homeless.

All around Manchester, people came out in their thousands, to show their support for this beautiful city & the people who lost their friends, family & children. Its only in true darkness that you learn to appreciate the light.


** featured image – unknown photographer – captured the vigil held in Albert Square – if anyone knows where the image came from, please let me know!

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