Burano – Bella isola piccola

There is no doubt, that Venice is a beautiful city & during our recent trip ( Venice – Top 5 things to see ) my boyfriend and I got to experience the best (& worst) of it. If you have been to Venice, you will know that it can be quite overwhelming. There are crowds of people/tourists, wherever you go. Visiting the islands that surround Venice, is a great way of escaping the crowds & definitely something I would recommend!

The Island of Burano, a 40 minute boat ride from Venice, is easily one of the most stunning places I have ever been.


Spending a day in Burano, was definitely a highlight of our whole trip to Venice! You have probably seen this island, all over your Pinterest boards or gracing your Instagram feed. Now that I’ve been lucky enough to see it for myself, I can definitely see why people travel from around the world, to just walk these streets.



This beautiful fishermen’s island, is famous for handmade Burano lace, seafood & (of course) its colourful houses. I took hundreds of images whilst I was there (it took a while to pick my favourites) but I hope you like the ones I have chose! Feel free to share them, but please link/credit the images back to the blog or Daisy Grey Instagram

As Burano is home to mainly fishermen, we decided to try some of the local food. We stopped at , which is listed in the Michelin guide for 2017. I decided on Spaghetti alle Vongole, which had the tastiest clams, fished that morning from the bay of Burano. This was easily the best Italian meal I have ever eaten! Trust me when I say, the seafood on Burano, is better than anything you will find in Venice.


One of my favourite things to see, while on Burano, was the colour clashes from the windows, shutters & doorways. The simple architecture of the houses, complement the clashes in colours. The overall aesthetic is stunning! I hope my pictures do it some justice, enjoy!




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