Unicorn Toast – How to

If you have been on Pinterest recently, its hard to avoid the new craze of Unicorn Toast.

I would usually think that these food crazes are pretty stupid, but I couldn’t help but love the idea of multi-coloured toast. (I also have a slight obsession with all things unicorn). I also realised, that this is a great thing to do with kids. Having a few nieces of my own, I thought I would try it out and see if it actually works. Thankfully it does!

All you need, is cream cheese, toast & food colouring. Mix together the colouring with the softened cheese, in separate bowls, and your good to go!

Although I made this for myself, this is great way to entertain the kids, without the hassle of baking cupcake or cookies. (its also pretty cheap!)

I used supermarket food colouring. However, there are some natural substitutes that you can use, which shouldn’t change the flavour, that might be a little more child friendly! There are also a couple of tips that I learnt, which will help make the best unicorn toast.

Natural Flavourings

  • Pink – Beetroot / Pomegranate syrup
  • Yellow – Turmeric
  • Green – Matcha  / supergreens powder
  • Purple – Blueberry syrup



  • Use full fat cream cheese to make sure the food colouring doesn’t change the flavour.
  • Mix one drop of food colouring in at a time, to avoid the colouring becoming too strong.
  • Let your toast cool fully before starting (cream cheese melts pretty quickly)


So, next time the kids are off school, (or you want to make yourself something colourful) try making unicorn toast. It tastes great & there is no end to the type of toppings you can use!


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