Venice – Top 5 things to see

Venice. One of the worlds most beautiful cities. Overflowing with stunning architecture and extravagant design. Last month, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend 5 days there. Venice is one of them ‘bucket list’ places, that we were beyond excited to be visiting. As soon as we stepped off the boat onto the island, we fell completely in love! The buildings, galleries, bridges and waterways are stunning.

However, there are parts of this city (mainly the places that we all see in the magazines & films) that are so crammed with tourists and market stalls, selling cheap magnets & key rings, that it actually looks a bit more like Blackpool, than Italy.

As I want to always be completely honest. I  have written a separate blog post, coming soon, that will cover some of the Venice do’s & don’ts, that we discovered whilst there! Hopefully, that will help save people time & money, if planning a trip to Venice. But, there are plenty of amazing things to do in Venice, so here is my Top 5!

Damien Hirst – Treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable 
From April – December Damien Hirst, the renown British artist, has opened his first exhibition in 10 years. Currently showing in two separate galleries in Venice, the Punta Della Dogana & Palazzo Grassi. The exhibition itself, has been hailed as a success by the critics & is definitely worth visiting!


(I have a separate post about this amazing exhibition coming soon!)

This small fishermen’s island, a 40 minute boat ride from Venice, is not only stunning too look a,t but is infamous for beautiful food. Costing about €15 euros for a return ticket, walking around the island, this is a great way to spend an afternoon! As I took so many pictures on our day trip here, I have a separate post coming soon, with more pictures & information!



The Castello district
This district of Venice is easily my favourite part of Venice. This district is full of great restaurants, little delicatessens, independent shops & stunning waterways. Walking around this area and taking in the sights and smells was one of our favourite afternoons!


As Venice is located on a lagoon, it isn’t surprising, that the seafood from this little city is some of the best you can get. Having been lucky enough to have been to a couple of places in Italy ( Rome Top 5 / Milan Top 5 ) I can safely say that you can get better pizza, lasagne & gnocchi, elsewhere. But when it comes to seafood, Venice and its surrounding islands have the best! I had the best Italian meal, I have ever eaten on this trip. So, to get the best of the Venetian food, then order the fish!


The Grand Canal
Although this is one of the busiest parts of Venice and is filled with tourists at almost every part of the day. Seeing the Grand Canal in person, is still breathtaking. It gives you a real sense of how grand this city is. The best view is, of course, from the Rialto Bridge. However, there are viewpoints of the Grand Canal throughout the city.


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