The Arcade Club

If you are a gamer or a lover of all things retro. Then The Arcade Club is the place for you to visit. Located in Bury, just outside of Manchester, the club has all of the games you will remember from childhood; Pacman, Space Invaders, Time Crisis, The 90’s Terminator, Nintendo 64, Track and Field (my personal favourite), pinball machines and WWF. They also have all of the newer games & consoles too like; Xbox, PlayStation & even virtual reality gaming… the list is pretty much endless.

For a £10 entry fee (£5.00 for kids) you are free to spend the whole day at the Arcade Club. All machines are set on ‘free play’, so there are no other costs! The Arcade is split over two floors, 1st floor is open to all ages, the second floor is for over 18’s only. At an extra £5 on entry, you can have access to both floors. As if all of that doesn’t sound good enough, when you need a break, you can head to the bar which offers the usual. Hot dogs, burgers, sweet, snacks and … Beer 😊

As the games are best used out of natural daylight, the windows are blacked out. Great for gaming….. rubbish for pictures! So, I apologise in advance for the images I managed to get. This is the type of place that you just have to visit, to see it properly!

Even though spending time in an arcade, with kids running around, isn’t exactly most people’s idea of a good way to spend a day. The arcade is huge and there so many different machines, so even though we went on a Sunday, we didn’t really notice. However, the arcade is open to over-18’s only between the hours of 6pm & 12am, if you want to avoid children then this is the best time to go!

I’m not the type of person who is obsessed with arcade or console games, but I am competitive & willing to try anything once. If your like me, then I guarantee you will enjoy yourself! if you are a gamer, then believe me, you will love this place! The Arcade Club is a must see, make sure you check it out! – Arcade Club


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