The Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are a bit like marmite. You either love it or ..cannot even begin to understand it. I love it.

The Cat Cafe Manchester opened its doors in 2016 and I finally found the time to visit this month. I’m a 100% cat person & so is my boyfriend. Like most millennials, we live in a rented apartment that doesn’t allow pets. So the Cat Cafe is a perfect way of getting our furry friend fix!

The Cat Cafe is on High Street, in the northern quarter. My boyfriend booked us in an hour slot, over the bank holiday weekend.


If your thinking of visiting then make sure you book your time in advance! Some of the people in the reception area, had a waiting time of over an hour. (I love cats, but I am not down to wait that long! Ha)

When you get to the Café, you sign to confirm you will abide by the rules. (no chasing, picking up etc) Your then asked to either put your shoes into lockers or use protective coverings over your shoes, to limit the germs that are brought into the Café.

Once inside, the café is bright, modern and surprisingly…really clean! Although your instinct is to run around, trying to hug all the beautiful cats. We settled down on one of the couches and ordered some drinks. As you only pay for the time spent in the café, all drinks & refills are included in the cost. Your only charged extra if you want any of the cakes or pastries they have on offer.


The café is really relaxed, everyone there are happy sitting together & sharing the space.

 It has a very communal feel and the cats are free to roam around, at their own leisure. As you only pay for a specific amount of time (£6 per person for half an hour) it makes sure, that the café doesn’t ever get to busy, or crowded. There’s loads of space to walk around and play with the all the cats.

One thing I would suggest, is trying to pre-book an earlier time in the day. We went at 2pm & the cats were a bit more sleepy than playful. (still gorgeous though!)


You can buy cat treats and feed the cats while your there, but they are only allowed to have so much during each day. When we got there at 2pm, the cats weren’t allowed to have any more treats until after 4.30pm. (which I think might have been a bit disappointing for my boyfriend!)

This has to be one of the more random things I’ve done in Manchester, but I loved every minute!


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