Da Vinci’s lost vineyard

Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The best bit about this place? Most people don’t even know it exists!

If you’re planning a trip to Milan, this has to be on your to-do list! I know there are plenty of reasons why everyone should visit Milan, some of which I’ve spoke about on my previous post (Milan- Top 5 things to see) but Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard should be at the top!

This little piece of paradise, sits directly opposite Santa Maria Delle Gracie. This church is visited by thousands of people, from around the world, for its very well known fresco / mural that sit in the church’s refectory. Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’.

The land surrounding this church was previously all vineyards, it’s said that Leonardo da Vinci was gifted his own vineyard, by the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, when he completed painting The Last Supper in 1498. This vineyard was unfortunately forgotten, lost and then built upon, in the years that followed.

After much time spent researching, the exact location of Leonardo’s vineyard was rediscovered & re-planted. This now sits in the fields which sit behind Casa degli Atellani’s.  As you can see below, the exterior of the property looks like every other building in Milan. We only stumbled across this place, when we stopped for a coffee, whilst waiting for our pre-booked time to view The Last Supper.


Once inside, we agreed to a tour of the vineyard & I am glad we did!

Your taken through the back of the coffee shop, into a beautiful courtyard.


This then leads into the Atellani’s family home, which was gifted by the Sforza family. This property is full of murals & fresco’s. (The pictures really don’t do it justice!)


Finally, your led out onto a balcony area, which overlooks Leonardos lost vineyard.


Once your in the gardens, you get to really see the beauty of the building itself and the Vineyard that surrounds it.



The building & the grounds are so beautiful and it is a great way to spend an hour or two. Visiting this Vineyard transports you away, from centre of Italy’s busiest city. Stumbling upon this beautiful piece of Italian countryside, in the centre of Milan, will always be one of my favourite travel memories.


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