March Favourites – Top 5

I’m excited to start my new monthly favourites! Each month I’ll be sharing the new things that I’ve discovered & loved. I want to share anything I’ve enjoyed over the past month like; food, beauty products, fashions or even new apps. This is something a lot of vloggers do on YouTube, so I thought I’d start my own ‘favourites’ blog posts. If you guys enjoy it, I might start including some of the fails of the month too.

As this is my first ‘favourites’ post and I’m going to start off by saying, I am not a beauty or fashion professional & I won’t claim to be. But these products, are things that I have discovered over the past month, which I would recommend to any of my friends! so I thought I would share them with you too!

I have picked 5 products that, in March, I used (almost) daily! Here are my March Favourites.


Batiste Dry Shampoo 2-in-1 with conditioner

I’m sure most people will use dry shampoo (a lifesaver for lazy people like me!). I know a few people who hate using it, because of the way it makes your hair feel, well this could be the product for you!

This month I was sent a sample for their new 2-in-1 Dry Shampoo and I love it! It does the same job as their normal dry shampoo, but it is so much lighter! It makes your hair feel soft, smooth and doesn’t leave you with the usual ‘straw like’ texture. I was sent a travel sized sample & I’ve since been out and bought a full size. This 2-in-1 range also has much better scents! (I’m not a fan of the original scents; coconut, floral, cherry etc)

I’m currently using this cocoa & cashmere 2-in-1, this leaves my hair feeling light, soft & smells like its actually been washed properly!

dry shampoo

Rituals – Organic rice milk & cherry blossom shower gel

This shower gel is a must have for summer. Although it’s a little pricier than most shower gels, a little goes a really long way! I got a travel sized sample from my Birchbox & fell in love straight away! The shower gel, has a shaving foam consistency, it comes out like a liquid and foams up when you start washing. It feels so luxurious & you only need a little bit to do your whole body.

I love this particular scent of rice milk & cherry blossom, it’s a really light & fresh smell which is perfect for summer. I also feel like it left my skin feeling moisturized as well as perfectly clean!

My lovely boyfriend treated me to a full-sized bottle, after my sample ran out. He bought it from Rituals online, but you can buy most of this range from Marks & Spencers too.

shower gel

The New bag

I’m usually the type of person who likes spending a little bit more on handbags, so they last a bit longer. But I recently bought a couple of bags from Marks & Spencers, which have become my obsession! Although I bought this bag a little bit ago, now that spring is finally here, it’s been getting a lot of use over the past month!

I don’t know who is currently designing the handbags there, but they need to keep doing what they are doing! They are mimicking high end brands, with just the right amount of detail. The new summer range of cross body bags, are cheap (£25 – £35), look great & perfect for summer. If you take a look at what’s on offer, you can see direct inspiration from Chloe, Gucci & Dolce & Gabbana.

I took this one off a mannequin (last one left!) but they still have some in stock online.


Benefit – Porefessional / Matte Rescue

I have been using the original Porefessional from Benefit, for as long as I can remember. In case you haven’t used it before, its created to smooth out the appearance of pores on your skin & works as a great base for your make up to be applied onto. I have always loved it, except for one little thing… the shiny layer it always seemed to leave on my skin. Although its meant to counter-act grease, for some reason, on my skin it did the exact opposite.

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me this new version of Porefessional. I didn’t start using it, until March (when my old primer ran out) and I have been missing out! This product does all the things that the original Porefessional does, but with minimum greasy residue & leaves my skin feeling smooth & matte. For those of you who have trouble with textured skin (which most makeup tends to highlight) this could be a great product for you to use as a primer too.


Wet Brush Pro

This has to be my favourite product for 2017 so far! I had heard about these brushes, but always thought, that it can’t be as good as people make out. I can confirm, this brush is amazing & is just as good as everyone is saying!

When my hair is wet, it is the worst for knots & it can be really painful to brush. Which makes styling my hair, in a rush, almost impossible. Until I started using this little guy! I got mine through a Birchbox a couple of months ago & put it in a draw and forgot about it. I only used it this month, because I couldn’t find my usual hairbrush & I could not believe the results!

It brushes through my wet hair so easily! It somehow makes the knots disappear, my hair is smooth & tangle free within a couple of minutes! I have medium length hair with an ombre style dye, so the ends of my hair are always much dryer and difficult to deal with, this brush just glides through it! Id definitely recommend a purchase to anyone who hates washing their hair as much as I did!

wet brush

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