Travel – The Relationship Test

Most people reading this, will already know that going on holiday or travelling with a partner or a friend can be a relationship deal-breaker!

Unfortunately, nearly all of us have those horror stories about holidays gone wrong, because of the person you chose to go with!

A couples first holiday is a crucial step in any relationship! This is when you really get an idea of what being a couple will really be like. It’s likely that your going to be together 24/7 for the first time. Any mystery that your relationship has, is also likely to go out the window. This will be your first idea, of what living with the other person would be like!

Going away with a friend for the first time can also be just as stressful, if you end up taking the wrong person! When on holiday, “Jess from work” (who’s always fun on a night out) can become your worst nightmare! Even travelling with a close friend can end in chaos. I’ve collected some of these type of stories (we all have them!) from friends & family, to make you think twice about planning a holiday you may regret. (or to just give you a laugh!)

“When I was 14 I was allowed to bring one friend with me on a family holiday. She had quite strict parents and as soon as we got there, she decided to spend the whole holiday rebelling, drinking & giving my parents a headache. We eventually both made friends with other kids in the same hotel, we didn’t really see each other much! My parents hated her by the end of it!”

“I once took a girlfriend to Barcelona, while we were away, we started arguing and the whole trip went down hill. The lowest point? Sitting in a bar and discovering she was texting her ex-boyfriend! … on a phone that I bought her!”

“When I was 18, I went on my first holiday with a boyfriend. We decided to go to Turkey, we even rented a private apartment. Everything was perfect, then I was told that in Turkey you can’t flush your toilet paper! ..  Let’s just say, it’s impossible to keep any mystery/modesty when your dirty toilet paper is kept in an bin in the bathroom.. FYI – it didn’t even have a lid!! “

“A while ago, I lost contact with one of my closest friends. After not seeing each other for nearly 10 years, we rekindled our friendship and decided it would be great idea to go on holiday together! I already knew on the plane going, that I’d made a huge mistake! She (a married woman) wanted to drink & flirt as much as she could. We soon realised we didn’t have anything in common anymore & we both wanted very different things out of a holiday!”

“My best friend & I went on holiday together when we were younger. We were so excited! After a couple of days, we had already irritated each other that much, that we spent two weeks not speaking… we actually didn’t speak ever again!”

So, even though your relationship is about to be really tested for the first time, the memories you make & the stories you will have, is well worth it all!

4 thoughts on “Travel – The Relationship Test

  1. When my family travels we know we are going to get irritated with each other at some point. We are tired from the adventure and stuck in tight accommodations, so it’s inevitable. We just accept it, forgive, and move on.


  2. Hey, it’s not always all bad. I fell in love with my best friend when we travelling together and now he’s been my boyfriend for a year and a half!

    I’ve written about it here, if you want to give it a read?

    I even wrote a guest post that really gets sappy hahah

    Great post, by the way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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