Mi Abode – Scandi Style

If your needing a bit of inspiration & have been thinking that things needs a bit of a re-vamp at home, then this might just be the perfect place for you!  Mi Abode is a Scandinavian interiors boutique, that offers a range of products from notebooks to bespoke furniture, all with an authentic Scandinavian aesthetic.  This year, I think, is the year that more people will embrace the Scandinavian way, in our homes and this little shop will definitely help you create your own Nordic escape.


My closest friend Rachy (who takes full credit for discovering this place) and I made the trip to Uppermill in Saddleworth, where this boutique is hidden away. It’s about 20 minutes away from the centre of Manchester, but definitely worth the trip!

As the type of person who loves minimalist design (and also thinks Grey is possibly the most beautiful colour that exists) I hoped that Mi Abode would be as good as it sounded & thankfully it is! As soon as you walk into this little boutique, you will start to fall in love with all of the products on offer!



As an independent shop, Mi Abode offers both bespoke handmade pieces of furniture and a mixture of products from brands like – House Doctor – which is based in Denmark. Although not all the pieces are bespoke, as a small shop, the stock which is on display is what’s on offer. This gives you, as a customer, a real sense of purchasing unique pieces.



The shop itself sits behind the Main Street that runs through Uppermill. Not only did we discover a great interiors boutique, this village that Mi Abode sits in is also beautiful! If you haven’t visited this little village before, then I would recommend a day trip as soon as you can! The village has lots of unique restaurants, bars & shops. (If your feeling hungry & fancy a cocktail I would definitely recommend Muse!)

I spent a lot more than I had planned on our trip to Mi Abode, (couldn’t help myself) but it was worth it! I managed to get a few key pieces, which have helped me re-vamp my living room & bedroom. I have included a picture of some of my finds below! If the boutique itself, is a bit too far away for you, then check out the website – MI ABODE  -(The mobile version isn’t as user friendly as it could be, so best using the laptop!) enjoy!

During my visit I bagged myself the below beautiful cushion, two framed prints (which look perfect with my black & white images of Manchester & Berlin), a cute little canvas bag (which will be my jewellery bag for trips!) & finally a lovely buffed concrete candle which looks perfect on my coffee table!




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