The best of European Galleries / Museums

If your planning a trip to Europe this summer or trying to decide where to go, then this might just help! Wherever I travel, I always try to visit a few galleries or museums and as city breaks are usually only a few days, I don’t like wasting my time visiting somewhere which is disappointing.

I can safely say that I am not an art specialist or historian, but I’ve put together a list of some of the best I have visited. These are the galleries, which I felt, are definitely worth adding to any travellers ‘things to do/see’ & I know they won’t disappoint!

The Bauhaus museum – Berlin, Germany

If you read my Top 5 places in Berlin, you will already know how much I loved this place! Not only is the building itself pretty iconic (featured image), the pieces & collections inside are beautiful!


The paintings, textile pieces & furniture that are on display, are laid out in a unique way, that tells you the story of the Bauhaus school & movement. If your thinking about travelling to Germany & passing through Berlin, then this is definitely worth a stop!

The Victoria & Albert Museum (The V&A) – London, England

I have visited The V&A more times than I can count. As a design graduate, this is one of the most important museums for me. Housing the world’s largest collection of the decorative arts, exhibitions of sculpture, ceramics & textiles there is always something here for everyone. The first time I visited the V&A was a research trip whilst at university, to see the exhibition of Grace Kelly’s clothing and costumes. I instantly fell in love with the building itself, this is by far one of the most beautiful building in London. One of my favourite things about the V&A are the changing exhibitions, each year they house some of the best exhibits in the world. For 2017 they are holding the Pink Floyd exhibition Their mortal remains’, for lovers of music or even pop culture, this will be worth a visit!


Museo del 900 (Novecento) – Milan, Italy

Not only does this Gallery house some of the best modern art, that Italy has to offer. It is, architecturally, one of the most beautiful modern buildings I have been in! Each floor of the gallery has interesting walkways & balconies, which gives it a Instagram worthy aesthetic.



Apart from the artwork, one of the best things about this gallery is the view from the third floor window. It has floor to ceiling glass panels, which overlooks the Piazza del Duomo, this vantage point gives a great view of the Duomo & the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


The Van Gogh gallery – Amsterdam, Holland

Located behind the Rijksmuseum (which holds the best collection of art & antiquities in Europe) sits the Van Gogh Museum.


Almost everyone in the world would be able to tell you about a piece of art by Van Gogh & seeing the original pieces in person, do not disappoint. It also gives a full story of Van Gogh’s life, which allows you to see where his inspiration & ideas came from, and see behind his methods & topics. As you can imagine, this place is very popular. If you want to avoid a ridiculously long queue, I’d definitely recommend pre-booking your tickets!


Musei Capitolini – Rome, Italy

This museum holds the biggest collection of Roman / Italian sculpture in Italy & is the place that almost every tourist who visits Rome, will go. With its location only five minutes from the Coloseum & next to the Roman Forum it is hard to miss this place.


I was personally blown away with how large & impressive this museum is. You can spend hours getting lost among the history of Rome and I guarantee anyone would be impressed with the scale of some of the pieces held in the museum!



The best bit, which you might already know if you read my Top 5 things to do in Rome, is the balcony at the back of the museum which overlooks the Roman Forum … you will not find better views of Ancient Rome than this!


Visiting these places, gave me a real feel for the history & culture of the city I visited. I hope that this helps choosing where to go this year & if you do decide to visit any of these places, then let me know what you think!

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