Levanter – Las nuevas tapas

If you follow me on Instagram ( Daisy._.grey ) you will already know, that I recently discovered a beautiful little Tapas bar, by complete accident!  I can safely say, I ate the best Spanish food I have ever eaten & knew I had to share it with you all!

My brother & I decided to take a trip to Ramsbottom, a little village about 30 minutes away from Manchester, to visit a rather well know cheese deli / cafe. (What better thing to bring people together!🧀) Unfortunately it was closed, but this turned out to be a stroke of luck!
By complete chance we wondered down a back Street of the village and stumbled across Levanter, a modern & unique Tapas Bar.

Looking inside, I was surprised to see a modern & quirky Mediterranean Tapas bar & at 12pm on a Wednesday, it was already nearly full! I noticed the sign in the window ‘Michelin 2017’ I knew we had found something good! Levanter would not look out of place, tucked away in the Northern Quarter. We thankfully managed to get a table for two, within minutes, the place was full and people were being turned away. There is no way of booking a table at Levanter, like a tapas bar in the Mediterranean, you just need to turn up and hope!


As soon as we sat down, I could tell they have worked hard at creating a true Spanish Tapas vibe & making you feel relaxed. We was told not to worry about when we order, that we can order dishes however we want, one by one or all at once. We was even told to take our time & enjoy, despite how busy it was, which was honestly really refreshing!

We decided that me may as well make the most of our unexpected brunch & ordered some wine, olives and cheese as a little starter. Giving us some more time to decide on our dishes.

Manchego cheese & Chilli jam


We pretty much ordered everything on the menu that was rich & warming ( it was in the minus figures outside) but the y did have some lovely charcuterie & fish dishes, which I saw going to other tables that looked delicious &would be a much lighter meal!

We decided to have a mix of 4 hot dishes and share all of them. which meant we both got to try as much as we could! Luckily I managed to get pictures of the dishes before we ate them! (I did have to hit the brothers hand away a few times though ha).

We had a great time at Levanter & enjoyed some amazing food. If your looking for something different for 2017 and fancy venturing out to Ramsbottom, then I cannot recommend this enough! The menu changes dependant on the fresh produce they have & this dishes have very simple titles, but believe me, they are anything but! If you need anymore convincing, I’ve since found a review in the Guardian, where they even they give their seal of approval! Take a look at the below dishes & try not to drool!

Roasted Chicken wings


Honey roasted Chorizo & tomatoes


Pigs Cheeks


Garlic Mash


Finally, we decided that we may as well have dessert!

Baked Cheesecake


For most people, Ramsbottom is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, but something is starting to happen in this sleepy little village & as a bit of a foodie, I’m excited! There are so many great places to eat within a 5 minute walk from Levanter, if you want to know more, look out for my post about the Foodie revolution that’s happening in this Lancashire village, its coming soon!

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