Natural skincare for 2017

My skin has always been really sensitive and I have always had to be really careful about what products I use. Especially on my face.

Well through trial and error, (sometimes quite painful errors) I finally realised that the products with minimal & natural ingredients work best with my skin. Being the type of person who also likes to feel guilt free when it comes to animal testing, I also tend to opt for the natural and organic products which are locally produced, that are cruelty free.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched those crazy adverts for ‘new’ face masks, scrubs, cleansers etc which look and sound great. But I don’t buy any of them, as they are usually highly perfumed or full of unnatural colorants (which is slightly annoying).

 So, here are my Top 5 pampering beauty products that tick all the right boxes for sensitive skin.

 1-      Buddha Beauty: Apple, Avocado & Aloe Clay mask

Buddha Beauty is Manchester based company, they have their own holistic therapy salon where they create their own beauty products & candles. Some of you who have been to the Manchester markets may have seen their stall this year! I got my mask from the markets, but you can order online or pop into their salon!

The beauty products made are all vegan and not tested on animals. The candles are even made using organic plant wax & essential oils. This makes the melted wax safe to use on the skin, if you was so inclined!

The product I bought & love is the Apple, Avocado, Aloe & Clay Mask. This mask has mainly all natural ingredients (there are some ingredients to preserve the clay & extracts, but they are in extremely small amounts, compared to most high street clay masks) this mask left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed & thankfully I had no side affects afterwards! The mask has a pale green colour and smells really light & refreshing.



2-      The Body Shop: Warming Mineral & Ginger mask

The first time I used this mask was over 10 years ago and whenever I want to have a real pamper, this is my go to mask!

Although this mask does have some ingredients which aren’t completely natural, it does have a lot of natural extracts, and it hasn’t ever caused an issue for me! Because of how sensitive my skin is, I always take mask of a little sooner than stated on the instructions, I’d recommend this approach with any face masks for those with sensitive skin.


3-      Elwood Herbal – Aloe Vera & Fullers earth Clay Mask

I first tried this clay mask in between Christmas & New Year and it’s become one of my favourites! I bought it from the Makers Market in Spinningfields, Manchester. However they do have an online shop you can order from!

The mask has only 7 ingredients. All natural clay (fullers earth), water & essential oils. This really works at helping clear oily skin and minimising pores. So I only used it on the areas on my face which are prone to being quite oily! It is a great mask for a pamper evening!

This brand sells a few different types of products, although I haven’t tried them all yet, I am hoping too! Each of the products from Elwood Herbal have minimal ingredients, this mask cost me £5.50 which I think is a great price given that it has 4 essential oils!


4-      Mayflower Apairies – Lipbalm

This is definitely a beauty essential I can’t live without. This lipbalm is made locally using bee’s wax, honey & peppermint oil. The honey comes from bee hives kept in Cheshire, just outside Manchester. It is my go to lipbalm & works better than any of the highstreet lip balms I’ve tried! I bought mine from the Manchester markets, but they do have an online shop & a list of coming events that they will be at.

I often suffer with anaemia, which I know a lot of people suffer with, one side affect is that it makes the edges of my lips dry and sometimes crack . This is the only balm I’ve tried (including those recommended by doctors) which has really helped with getting my lips back too normal. It has a waxy texture, which melts as you apply it to your lips and a little goes a long way! If I’m having a pamper night, I’ll put a thick layer on my lips, and let it soak in. My lips always left feeling really moisturised & hydrated. ( as you can tell in the below pic, this well worn little pot, goes everywhere with me!)



5-      Simple – Kind to skin foaming cleanser

Simple skin care is a go to brand for those with sensitive skin, but prefer to get their products from the high street. It may not use all natural and organic ingredients, but it doesn’t have the added perfumes or colourants like most skincare brands. The foaming cleanser is one of the products in their range which is great for a pamper night. A little of this product goes really far and it’s great for getting the days grime of your face before you start your pamper night!


I would happily recommend any of these products to my friends, so I’d definitely say they are worth a try! If you do try any of the products, please make sure you do a test patch somewhere else on your skin at least 24 hours before using it on your face. Happy New Year & enjoy some pampering!

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