Go on, treat yourself ..

At this time of year,  everyone (at some point) will get stressed out with . Whether it’s worrying about those last minute presents, trying to fit into that party dress or just trying to figure out how your going to afford it all.

Well one thing I’ve learnt, after 25 years of Christmases, is to take a step back from all the madness & don’t forget yourself. By now, we have all spent hours trying to figure out what presents to buy  & most importantly, we have worked hard all the damn year!

So don’t forget to buy yourself a treat this Christmas & stop worrying! I’ve picked out 7 things, all under £20, that could be the perfect little gift to yourself!

I’ve even put all the links below, for you to enjoy some stress free online shopping! … If you are struggling for those last minute presents, you might even find something perfect for that certain someone!

Fancy some new jewellery? Take a look at these gorgeous, gold, trio of stars earrings … or this rose gold personalised  bracelet from Notonthehighstreet.com

Want something to make you feel extra festive? Or something to make your home extra cozy this Christmas? Then take a look at this vegan ylang-ylang candle. Maybe a retro rose gold light box is more up your street? Or, for a proper taste of Christmas,  try this mulled cider syrup from Oklahoma (store located at High Street in Manchester)

Finally, if you fancy really treating yourself. Then take a look at this gorgeous Pom-Pom charm perfect for any handbag. Or splash out on this beautiful, Winter candle. Both from The White Company. Check out their store on King Street too, the window displays are gorgeous this time of year!

Go on… you deserve it! DGx

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