Whitworth Gallery & Park

Around this time of year, I always love to spend more time outside. I love getting wrapped up in my newest scarf and going out for a walk (something which I would usually try and avoid!)
You probably don’t automatically think about Manchester City centre, as the ideal place to go for a wintery walk, well think again. The Whitworth park is a beautiful hidden spot in the centre of Manchester. Just off Oxford Road and behind The Whitworth Art Gallery, sits a really lovely little park. The Art Gallery itself also has its own gardens which back onto the park.  If your wanting a bit of fresh air & want to escape the crowds of people filling the rest of Manchester, because of the Manchester Markets, then this can be your own little piece of heaven this December.
The Gallery itself has also recently had a makeover, giving the gallery more exhibition space, and a modern café which overlooks the park.
With the cafes floor to ceiling windows, it’s a great place to get a coffee (maybe a cheeky cake) and relax. I would definitely check what events are on at the Gallery before you plan your relaxing visit, as there are a lot of family / children activity days held at the Whitworth, it may not be as relaxing on these days! Another great thing about the Whitworth Gallery this winter is its current exhibition of Andy Warhol prints. This exhibition is with us, in Manchester, until April 2017.
If you want a little day trip over Christmas, even if your not a typical art lover, this is a great place to relax. Andy Warhol creates art which most people enjoy or relate too. so you might even be surprised how much you enjoy it!
 I’ve been lucky enough to see Warhol pieces, in modern art galleries throughout Europe, I can honestly say, this exhibition has some really great pieces & a lot of imagery about the main man himself. Which I found really interesting and a unique way of showing his work!
Also currently showing at the Gallery is Idris Khan, a contemporary artist, who’s work is visually impacting, when viewed from afar.
However, his artwork becomes something completely different, when viewed up-close. ( this exhibition was listed in GQ Magazine, as an exhibition to check out this month!)
So, if your like me, and love Christmas… but there is a high possibility you might want to escape for the afternoon at some point, then enjoy!

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