For all you cheese lovers ..

Next time your in Manchester, make sure Northern Soul Grilled Cheese is your first stop for brunch/snack/dinner/tea (any meal!) This little shack on the Church Street markets, on the edges of the Northern Quarter, is the answer to all of my cheese dreams & once you try it, it will be yours too! If you don’t really venture into the NQ much, then don’t worry as they currently have a pop up stall on the Manchester Christmas Markets!

As you have probably guessed, they make grilled cheeses (aka toasties) but as simple as that may seem, they have given the humble little toastie, a twist and some how made them even better! The below pictures don’t really do it justice (I was way to excited to start eating for picture taking) but my boyfriend and I decided to go for ‘The Classic’ which is their secret blend of cheeses. We also ordered a Nacho Basket, which is nacho’s topped with Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Jalapeno’s & Sriracha (dribbles on keyboard)
It is kind of a typical hipster thing & most people will think that there isn’t anything special about a grilled cheese sandwich. well, those people, have never been to Northern Soul! Not only is the food amazing, if you have the time, go and sit inside while you eat & enjoy the relaxed vibe they have created. I am also obsessed with simple and industrial type interiors, this place is stripped back & somehow still looks contemporary.
The menu is short an simple, you can have a about 7 different fillings but at the heart of every sandwich is their ‘secret’ blend of cheese. If your going to be nursing a hangover this weekend after the work Christmas party, then this is a must for stop for you. Feel free to thank me after!
… if you love cheese as much as I do (don’t trust people that don’t like cheese) then you have to try this place!

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