Berlin stole my heart ..

Germany has always been high on my list of places to visit, my nan was part German and oddly enough my boyfriend’s family are part German too. I wasn’t really convinced about going to Berlin at first (I have so many places I want to see & didn’t think Berlin would be better than those places) but my boyfriend really wanted to go & I can say that this city captured my heart more than any other I’ve been too.

Berlin has a well known history, but the city that currently stands, is both beautiful and welcoming. The turbulent past has also created a city which has modern and traditional architecture sit side by side, in a perfect juxtaposition. We spent hours just walking around and loving all of the streets and buildings. What is really great about this city is that instead of the old and the new, fighting each other, the buildings are blend together perfectly. (it really reminds me of Manchetser, the Armani shop next to John Rylands Library, the whole of Berlin is like that!) 

We flew to Berlin using Easy Jet (as always), we arranged private transfers, which I would recommend! Berlin is unlike most European city’s; it doesn’t have a ‘centre’. It has districts, which all have their own unique points of interest. The city itself is large and a lot more spaced out than most european city centres. We stayed in Mitte district, which has all the main Museums & Galleries within walking distance. It is also the place which is most like the Northern Quarter in Manchester, its known for its bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Which is ideal for what me and the boyfriend want out of a little city break!

We stayed at another Room Mate hotel, Hotel Zoe. After we enjoyed the hotel in Milan so much, we knew that we would love it and we were not disappointed. The hotels interior was just as gorgeous and included in the hotel was a Gin Bar and rooftop bar.


The view from the rooftop was amazing (see below) I would recommend this hotel to everyone!


As always, I have picked 5 things that you cannot miss whilst in Berlin! I hope you enjoy reading & some of the pictures from our trip!


5: Currywurst: – street food

I can’t explain how good this is! Ok, so the foody inside me was hating having sausage and chips with ketchup and curry powder. It doesn’t exactly sound like something I would ever eat, but as it was the dish of Berlin, we thought we should give it a try and it was soooo tasty! The sausage is smoked and the curry sauce is surprisingly good!

Make sure you order from one of the Currywurst cafes or official street venders for the real deal!


4: Berlin Zoo / Aquarium

A zoo isn’t usually a typical place to visit whilst on a city break holiday, but as the boyfriend is pretty much obsessed with all animals and Berlin zoo being the oldest zoo in Europe (with the most amount of species in one place) we decided we would take a day out, to relax and see it all!

The zoo is in the Tier Garten district and is surrounded by Banks, shopping centres and cinemas. Which is slightly odd to see! The zoo itself is stunning, the grounds are beautiful and the animal enclosures are design to represent the countries they come from. We thankfully had some great sunny weather and it was really lovely spending the day ‘out of the city!’


Inside the grounds of the zoo, there is also an Aquarium. Which again is one of the oldest in Europe. The building is beautiful, it still has the impressively large stained glass windows, showing all creatures from the sea. The main attraction here is definitely the Crocodile & Cayman enclosure. They have a large enclosure on the top floor of the aquarium, over the enclosure is a wooden footbridge which you can walk across, whilst they swim and move around beneath you!

3: Dom Berlin – Cathedral.

Our hotel was literally a two-minute walk to the Berlin cathedral, which has to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole of berlin. The cathedral sits on the edge of the river Spree, which looks amazing at sunset.

berlin cathedral.jpg

I’m sure you can tell by my other travel posts, I love to get a high vantage point of any city I visit. This makes me feel like I’ve really seen the city in more ways than one. Although the Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Alexanderplatz has the highest view point over the city. The cathedral offers a 360 rooftop view which is closer to the rooftops of the buidlings around you. As you can see from the below pic, the views are amazing!

veiw from dom.jpg

Be aware! The steps to the top of the Cathedral are relentless and there is a warning at the bottom! Unluckily for us, we did it on one of the hottest days of the year. It was hard but totally worth it, also gave us a mid-holiday work out.


2: Bauhaus Museum

As a design graduate, the importance of the Bauhaus movement & school has been drilled into me from an early age. The school is known universally as the birthplace of modern design. For those of you who may not know about what the students/teachers designed or created, I guarantee a quick google search will show you items which you probably have in your home!

The Museum holds some of the original pieces (furniture/kitchen appliances/drawings/posters) from the school. The museum is just as stylish as the creations themselves!


My boyfriend didn’t know anything about Bauhaus movement before going to the museum, I was so worried he would be bored all the time, but he said he really enjoyed it! you dont need to know about the Bauhaus school to enjoy this place! Its really interactive & the people working there are really willing to tell you about anything! Anyone who appreciates good design and interior design would love spending a couple of hours here! Some of the sculptures in the museum are so beautiful I was memorised!

bauhaus 2.jpg


1: Graffiti

This may seem like an odd thing to specifically look for in a modern day city centre, but since the fall of the Berlin wall and the creation of the East Side Gallery. Street art is big in Berlin and you come across some beautiful pieces of art, in the most unusual places.

Due to the size of Berlin, we did spend some time using the trains to try and fit in all the things we wanted to see. The train stations themselves are covered in graffiti, so the more we travelled, the more we saw! The street art you see is imaginative and clever, it’s something I would encourage anyone who is planning a trip to Berlin to watch out for! I’m only going to show one picture (I have hundreds) as I’m going to do a post soon about the street art throughout our European cities!



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